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Every business should have a separate car insurance policy for their business vehicles – especially if those vehicles will be driven by any of their employees.  Since you are insuring more than just your vehicles and your drivers (after all, you have to protect all of your business assets in the event of a crash), it is important to understand what a business car insurance quote covers before either signing on the dotted line or deciding against a certain policy.

In most cases, getting a solid business car insurance quote requires knowing what type of policy you need.  For instance, if you own a limousine service, you will want and need more comprehensive coverage than a small business owner who only drives his business vehicle to met with clients; go to the post office and make business-related errands.  Another thing to consider: who will be using your business vehicle – and for what purposes.

Once you have determined the real use of your business vehicle, your insurance agent should be bale to customize an insurance package that includes the coverage you need and takes out what you do not. This can help save hundreds in premium costs.  Be wary of agents who are unwilling to customize a package for your particular business since their insurance will likely cost more and provide gaps in some services.

The Things That Will Impact Your Business Policy

When determining your business insurance needs and obtaining a good business car insurance quote, consider these important things:

  • The type of vehicle(s) being insured.  As is the case with all auto insurance, the newer and more expensive the car being insured, the more expensive the annual premiums will be.  One of the best ways to save money on business auto insurance is to keep only use the type of vehicles that are necessary to make your business look good.  For instance, if a basic van or truck will get the job done, don’t splurge on an SUV.  Also, consider how many vehicles you must have on the road.  While you may get a good discount for an entire fleet of business trucks, if you only need three or four to get the job done right, why waste the money on 7-8 trucks on the road?
  • The type of coverage you need.  Look over your policy carefully on the lookout for unnecessary coverage. For instance, if your work trucks are older, you may not need comprehensive coverage. But, if your main business vehicles are newer, you probably will want that added protection. 
  • The deductibles.  How high or low your deductible will have a big impact on your overall insurance costs. Carefully determine how much you are willing to spend should your business vehicle be involved in an accident.
  • Who will be the primary and secondary drivers for your business vehicles?  Keeps a close eye on your employees driving records to help keep your own auto insurance rates low.  If you notice that an employee has a poor driving record, you may want to consider getting them off the road and off of your business policy!
  • What to Look For in Business Insurance for Your Vehicle Fleet

    Once you have determined the things that can impact your insurance rate, getting a business car insurance quote that you can rely on (and that provides the coverage you need), requires finding a reputable insurance carrier that is easy to work with.  Some of the main factors to look for when shopping around for business insurance for your vehicle fleet include:

    • Finding an agent with a lot of knowledge regarding business auto insurance. Not every carrier – or every agent – has experience working with business policies.  Be sure to find one that is.
    • Getting a complete quote.  You may get a great quote form one agent, but look carefully. Does the policy include everything the others do?  Are there nay add-on fees, or riders you will be required to pay for later on? What about your deductibles?  There may be a good reason why one quote is much lower than the rest – and that reasons could cost you a small fortune later on.
    • The carriers track record.  Look carefully at a company’s track record of paying claims to their business customers.  Find out how long it takes for them to complete a claim; what their percentage of paid claims is; what the claim procedure is like etc.  In some cases it may be worth paying just a little more to ensure an easy and quick response to claims by your insurer.
    • Does the company offer 24/7 claims service and help? If not, working with them could be a hassle that you do not have time for.
    • What payment options do they offer: flexible plans; pay by phone options; monthly, quarterly or annual payments; or automatic withdrawal?
    • Finally, do they offer competitive (and comparable) rates?  Check with several providers to ensure that you are indeed getting the best deal on business insurance that you can.

    Insuring your business vehicles doesn’t have to be a hassle, if of course, you find the right carrier and a qualified agent to handle your policy.  Use the tips above to help you decide what type of business policy you need and how to find just the right carrier to cover your auto insurance needs to keep your business running smoothly – and hassle-free.
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